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Studies in Bible Doctrine (SIBD) constitute a compilation of studies in the teachings of the Bible following the doctrines set forth through the course of the Reformation and compiled in the various creeds of the Reformed faith.  Some of these are simple studies of various portions of Scripture, some are more theological in nature showing how various doctrines arise from the Bible, and some are historical, reflecting on the various historical events and debates through which these doctrines were considered and brought to clearer formulation. All, however, are worthy of reflection by those who are seriously intent on understanding the word of God.  

 Schiller/Hoeksema Debate

 Free Bible Study Worksheets and MP3 Lessons for Homeschool High School Level

Studies In Bible Doctrine (link)


Sermons by Rev. Herman Hoeksema, Heidelberg Catechism


Dijk, Klass - The Struggle Over Infra- and Supralapsarianism




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