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Bible Studies

Contained in this section are a series of studies on the history of between the giving of the law and the institution of the office of king in Israel.  It begins with the calling of Moses in the book of Exodus and continues through the book of Ruth, the grandmother of David.  In it the greatness of the grace of God is revealed to Israel in delivering it from the bondage of Egypt, which was typical of the bondage of sin.  It is purely the grace of God that gave to Israel Moses, the greatest of the prophets, and includes the giving of the law at Mount Sinai.  For the children of Israel this law appeared to provide the great opportunity for them to prove their superiority among hte nations; but in fact it proved exactly the opposite.  From its very beginning it became evident that they in themselves were no better than any other nation, and found blessing only in the grace of God.  It was this that was theirs in the gift of Moses; there on they fell deeper and deeper into sin, until God gave them the great king, David, the man after God's own heart. It is this that we will be studying.

At this point we will be posting the history of the Judges, Ruth, and Joshua.

Judges               Ruth                Joshua

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